Charities – People, Planet, Profit

Sheila strongly believes there’s a lot more to business than just making a profit. As such, her business philosophy integrates a “three P” triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.


  • Encourage goal setting to ensure those we work with are living their ideal lives;

  • Provide a safe, clean, healthy and fun work environment;

  • Provide personal development resources so staff can always work toward becoming their best selves;

  • Always remind staff that life is short, so we should never take ourselves too seriously!


  • Minimize your carbon footprint, and be sure to reduce, reuse and recycle;

  • All business ventures should be free of animal cruelty;

  • Donate to worthwhile causes and give back to your community;

  • Leave the world a better place than when you arrived !


  • Create a socially responsible company that’s profitable for all business partners;

  • Make sure your business partners are impressed by your profits so you can keep giving back to your community, while having a blast with your staff, and doing other cool shit for the world!


Mats for Metta Charity - Oranj Fitness Founded Charity

In January 2014, Sheila founded Oranj Fitness company charity Mats for Metta.  Mats for Metta is a program created in an effort to make yoga more accessible to our local communities – and in particular, students. Many studies have shown that students exposed to yoga show major improvements in their self-regulatory skills such as: resilience, anger management, expression and mindfulness.

Sheila and her staff at oranj have taught yoga to many students and charity groups over the years, and had an overwhelmingly positive response from not only the students, but also their teachers and support staff. The requests for more private yoga sessions geared towards children and yoga for healing started to evolve. With this in mind, Sheila was inspired to create a way to provide more yoga to her local community, and Mats for Metta was founded.   

Since this charity was founded, oranj fitness has donated over $70,000 of yoga mats and accessories into their communities.
To get involved please contact your local oranj fitness studio.


Boxer Rescue – Personal Charity of Choice

An animal lover who strongly believes in the rights of our furry friends, Sheila regularly donates to many animal causes. As mom to adorable boxer dogs for over 20 years, Sheila’s charities of choice are Boxer Rescue Canada and Boxer Rescue Ontario. She contributes by running charity yoga classes each year and donating the proceeds to these worthwhile animal causes. To get more information on how to adopt a boxer dog, or contribute to the Boxer Rescue cause, visit Boxer Rescue Ontario and Boxer Rescue Canada online.